Wild Dolphin Family Holiday

10 DEC 23 – 15 JAN 24, 21 MAR – 9 APR 24, 27 APR – 1 MAY 24, 15 JUN – 9 JUL 24, 21 SEP – 15 OCT 24, 12 DEC 24 – 15 JAN 25

Custom date and accommodation options available for long week-ends and school holidays. Please note this is a recurring event so future dates will be available in advance. 

Accommodation options: RUSTIC, LUXURY & PRIVATE BEACH HOUSES. Halo Gaia offers regular wild dolphin encounters in Southern Mozambique. We are privileged to be base in a bay where a very unique relationship between human beings and wild dolphins has been organically forged.

Our Family Dolphin Retreats offer no program or workshop simply a Mozambique beach and dolphin encounter holiday.

Perfect for private group celebrations, 21st’s, 50th’s, anniversaries or simply a family holiday. On groups of 10 or more private dates and quoted rates can be arranged.

Guest are welcome to join most of our scheduled holistic retreats on a FAMILY Dolphin basis on special request.

The New Immigration Regulation dictates that as from 01 June 2015 children under the age of 18 require UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATES, along with their passports, when travelling. Should you be travelling with/making a reservation for children, please ensure that you apply for these certificates in time.


Upcoming Dates

There is a very high demand for accommodation over Easter & December – BEST to book these dates well in advance: 10 DEC 23 – 15 JAN 24, 21 MAR – 9 APR 24, 27 APR – 1 MAY 24, 15 JUN – 9 JUL 24, 21 SEP – 15 OCT 24, 12 DEC 24 – 15 JAN 25


A family holiday of a lifetime! Experience wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

Magical Mozambique! Swimming with dolphins is the most incredible experience you will ever have! Wow wow wow! These beautiful creatures allowed us to drop into their world swim and interact with them. Such a humbling and wonderful experience. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to get up close and personal with them. They truly are magical beings gifted to this planet.


What a blessing it is to meet up with such wonderful human angels that inspire and uplift us with such positive vibrations and warm feelings. It was such a privilege to be a part of all that feminine energy and the dolphins and whales were a bonus.


Magical Moz has breathed me back to life!!! Swimming with dolphins ?, spectacular sunrises, salt water and sun kissed skin… new friends… gratitude everlasting!