What we do

Halo Gaia Adventure Travel specialises in facilitating swimming with wild dolphins, and wellness retreats in Ponta Malongane, Southern Mozambique and other idyllic locations of Southern Africa.

With an immense love and passion for travel and nature, Halo Gaia has become a vehicle to explore, celebrate and share the natural heritage and rich cultures of South Africa and Mozambique. Our vision is to facilitate and co-create an environment in beautiful places, where a sense of community and the consciousness of our intrinsic relationship to Planet Earth is lived and experienced through responsible travel.

Swimming will wild dolphins in the idyllic, wild Ponta Malongane, Mozambique – find your WILD AND FREE! Enjoy a “swimming with wild dolphins” experience of a life time with your host, Courtney Ward and other internationally-renowned facilitators and wellness experts. LEARN MORE
Halo Gaia offers regular wild dolphin retreats in conjunction with various exceptional wellness facilitators who each bring to the table their unique skill sets and workshops to create our collaborated retreat packages on a regular basis. LEARN MORE
The Humpback Whales make their long and arduous annual migration from the cold Antarctic, to the warm waters around Mozambique to birth their calf. With their arrival, we are privy to observing this exquisite natural phenomena of mother and young calf both finding safety and social acrobatic play in these shallow warm waters. LEARN MORE
With a variety of Ponta Malongane accommodation options, Halo Gaia is able to customise your holiday to suit your needs. From rustic beach accommodation, to wooden cabins, to luxury tented camps, to private beachfront villas, we will ensure your stay is both memorable and comfortable. LEARN MORE
Experience a moment where time dissolves into the simplicity of stillness as your host, Courtney Ward takes you on her healing Sound Journeys. Ethnic and indigenous instruments from all over the world are used along with vocal melodies and percussive rhythms to guide guests onto a meandering musical journey. LEARN MORE
If you have scuba diving on your bucket list and would like to take the plunge into the magnificence of the underwater world why not consider diving here in Ponta Malongane where our qualified, in-house PADI Dive instructor, Lerato will guide you through Mozambique’s underwater wonderland. LEARN MORE
Halo Gaia has been hosting school groups and business teams since the year 2000. The safety of the surrounds and the direct interaction with this untouched paradise invites great learning and ecological awareness for students, teachers and business colleagues alike.
It is within the interests of the growing community of a 3rd-world country to encourage Eco Tourism as a means of livelihood and income. Thus education and involvement around the conservation of our fast depleting resources is of dire importance. LEARN MORE
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