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Upcoming Dolphin Retreats

Halo Gaia’s wellness and dolphin retreats in partnership with the best practitioners and healers in their field will delight, enlighten and reconnect you to nature and yourself.  Our dolphin retreats include wild dolphin encounters, yoga, reflexology, music, dance, art, nature and more!  Experience true community, African spirit and healing with Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel.

African Soul Retreat + Magic Dolphin Safari

11 Nights – Luxury Retreat

5 – 16 MARCH 2019

Explore the magic and mystery of Africa at our rejuvenating African Soul Retreat and Wild Dolphin Safari. Learn about sustainable living, visit a local lion sanctuary and experience elephants in the wild. Reconnect and relax over 5 days in authentically wild Africa. Share the healing magic of wild dolphin encounters with Chris Stormer-Fryer and Courtney Ward. Get back to nature in gorgeous Mozambique. Truly an experiences of a life time in this rustic, natural setting!

Wild Dolphin Family Holiday


16 March – 1 April | 19 – 22 April (Easter) | 14 June 14 – 9 July
20 September – 1 October | 4 December – 10 January

Custom date and accommodation options available for long week-ends and school holidays. Please note this is a recurring event so future dates will be available in advance. Accommodation options: RUSTIC, LUXURY & PRIVATE BEACH HOUSES. Halo Gaia offers regular wild dolphin encounters in Southern Mozambique. We are privileged to be base in a bay where a very unique relationship between human beings and wild dolphins has been organically forged. Our Family Dolphin Retreats offer no program or workshop simply a Mozambique beach and dolphin encounter holiday.

Aqua - Earth Luxury Retreat

6 Nights – Luxury Retreat

15 MAY – 21 MAY 2019 

Breathe in the scent of Africa, listen to the whispers of her elephants, then float in the warm Indian Ocean with the wild dolphins of Ponta. Take time to connect with the whispers of Nana and her beloved herd at Thula Thula, home of the late Lawrence Athony, author of the Elephant Whisperer. Take time to play with the wild dolphins of Ponta Malongane, as they open our hearts with their loving gaze.

NIA Music, Movement, Magic

4 Nights – Rustic Retreat

16 MAY – 20 MAY 2019 

Refresh Your Mind… Revive Your Body… Reawaken your Spirit.
Join us for 5 fabulous days on a Unique NIA DANCE and Wild Dolphin Encounter retreat. Ponta Malongane with its vibrant Latino African rhythm of life.. sets the perfect tone for a succulent celebration in DANCE and living DELIGHT. NIA dance will sweep you into the bliss of being… Our dolphin friends invite you to embrace the WILDNESS of your free spirit…

Inviting Aphrodite Women's Retreat

4 Nights – Women’s Rustic Retreat

3 – 7 JULY 2019 

You are invited to press pause and take yourself away to a little slice of ‘Heaven on Earth’ – the very meaning of the name Ponta Malongane. Your inner wild woman is calling you to spend some time with her, re-connecting and deepening your relationship with her.As women, we have strong instincts that are inherent. These can all too easily be quieted by the fast paced demands of life in the 21st century. We are expected to carry the same responsibilities that our fathers had and still be all woman. It may be the moment to sink your toes into warm beach sand and take time out to connect to the profound feminine within.

Liquid Yoga - Liquid Breath - Liquid Body

10 Nights – Luxury Retreat

4 – 14 OCTOBER 2019 

You are invited to join us on a sublime 10-day WILD dolphin soul adventure reconnecting you with your innate creativity, your passion and spontaneity. This bliss infused retreat will be an exploration in liquid yoga, liquid breath and liquid body with renowned yogi, Cora Verkuilen and breathwork extraordinaire, Rhianne van der Linde.

Dolphin Dream Time Luxury Rewilding Retreat

10 Days – Luxury Retreat


Dream big and dive deep into the oceanic depths of your creativity.
Be inspired by the guardians of the dreamtime, the Bottlenose Dolphins, and anchor your vision for you, the world, and generations to come. Immerse in sacred lands, reefs and waters of the Indian Ocean in Southern Mozambique.

Drop everyday distraction to listen deeply, your heart wide open – to receive your soul’s vision calling to be lived. Let the dolphins guide you, as you explore.

Awakenings Soul Infusion Retreat

4 Days – Rustic Retreat

13 – 17 NOVEMBER 2019 

Move, dance, create, play, liberate, meditate, swim with WILD dolphins, connect, dream. The Artery has teamed up with Halo Gaia Wild Dolphin Swims to serve up a potent mix of creative transformation, pleasure and play.

Awakenings is a call to wake your inner artist, your potential, your dreams, your inner knowing & your ability to connect to your pleasure body. You are invited to join us for 4 days of creative immersion in the idyllic Ponta Malongane for a wonderful winter escape . We will be using art therapy techniques, writing, meditation and dance to shift negative patterns, freeing us and creating space for us to craft our futures to be closer in alignment with our soul desires. 

Rustic + Luxury Accommodation

Halo Gaia along with running regular Wild dolphin retreats to this magnificent part of the world also offers across the board accommodation for the Holiday maker. Due to our extensive years of experience in this area, we are able to source and create the perfect CUSTOM made getaway, be it a RUSTIC or LUXURY holiday. Let us help you make beautiful memories!

About your host


Courtney has been involved with Halo Gaia since 1999. Her personal history of extensive travel, ethnic music exploration, community living projects and completing her studies in Complementary Health at the Institute of Natural Health all played an important role in the inspiration to apply these gifts. For the past 19 years she has grown intimately close to the large pod of resident Bottle Nose Dolphins that swim the Southern Mozambique coastline.

Marine Conservation


Halo Gaia Adventure Travel / Complexo Turistico do Malongane are honoured to have been granted a Dolphin viewing and interaction permit in November 2011. This licence permits RESPECTFUL MARINE MAMMAL TOURISM and allows our water craft within close proximity to the dolphin pods, given that the behaviour of the dolphins is respected.

It occurs to me that we have few opportunities as a species to interact so intimately with other species we share the planet with – except those that have been domesticated and tamed… This wild dolphin connection experience was for me a – life changing event. Subtle – silent and profound. Facilitated in a protected sanctuary – with care and sensitivity – a real gift waiting to be received!


What a blessing it is to meet up with such wonderful human angels that inspire and uplift us with such positive vibrations and warm feelings. It was such a privilege to be a part of all that feminine energy and the dolphins and whales were a bonus.


This is one of the sweetest gifts you could ever enjoy. Encounters with bottle nose dolphin and other magnificent creatures of the ocean. I can’t imagine more respectful inspiring guides of the deep than my dear friends, Rhianne and Courtney.



Thank you for a truly magic dolphin gathering weekend. It has had a profound effect on my life and my relationships with those around me. A shift has happened as I find people I don’t know very well stopping to talk and share. I also find i am able to talk to and accept others with far more compassion and the cherry on the top – my paintings have started selling again!


Being in Mama Ocean with these extraordinary dolphin beings is beyond measure, truly a gift of such grace, it takes the breath away. The wonder, the love, the beauty… immense, simply immense. I highly recommend this journey. It’s a rare and precious gift to meet and play with love in this form..dive in and in-joy.


Thank you for the opportunity to appreciate the simple things, for the realisation that I need not fear change if it means making your dreams come true, for allowing me to share in this wonderful, indescribable journey with people that have touched my heart forever.



SA: 073 544 1485
Mozambique: 00258 84 455 4319


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