Other Mozambique Marine Life

Our Other Ocean inhabitants & visitors

The protected waters of the Ponta Do Oura Partial Marine Reserve – are both home and serve as through fare to many different resident & migratory ocean creatures.

The warmth of these waters along with abundant food sources are very attractive to many different oceanic species.

Green Back Turtle

Our resident green back turtles can be seen feeding on many a shallow coral reef – a delight to visitors to witness. Ocean safari cruises will often encounter these Green Back turtles popping up to surface to breathe and bask in the sun.

Logger Head and endangered Leatherback Turtles – migratory visitors

Both turtles are a highly protected species. Here in the Ponta Do Partial Marine Reserve – in depth data collection, tagging and monitoring of these giant turtles is done. Both the Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles visit our shores – to lay their egg clutches from November through to February. Hatchlings may be seen from early February through to April.

It is truly wonderful to see tagged turtles return – sometimes noted 15 to 17 years after initial tag was inserted. Strict conduct of NO interference – regards tourists and locals interfering with the turtles is encouraged.

Cape and Arctic Fur Seal – a surprise visitor

Far from home – lost on an ocean current – this cold water friend has from time to time been sighted in the warm tropical Indian ocean waters .

Manta Ray – occasional visitors

The largest of the ray species, these gentle giants will occasionally be sighted flying through our warm waters when the currents bring rich plankton to the area. An encounter with this giant may be possible. A filter feeder, manta rays can be curious and engaging; they have no stinging barb.

Mozambique has recently, with the research done further north in Inhambane, identified a new larger species of manta ray – now known as  giant manta. Here in Ponta Malongane and the Ponta Do Oura Partial Marine reserve we are frequented by the reef manta.

Whale Shark – occasional Visitors

A rare encounter with the largest fish in the sea – can be a life changing experience. This gentle giant is both a filter and suction feeder. Growing to lengths of 12 meters plus their weight can be as much as 21 Tons.

The whale shark is slow moving and known to dive to depths of 2000 meters, making it one of the deepest diving fish of the sea. Critically endangered, sightings of this beautiful creature in the Ponta Do Oura Partial Marine Reserve are celebrated.


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