Halo Gaia Wellness & Adventure Travel

Halo Gaia Adventure Travel specialises in inbound wellness and adventure travel to Mozambique and South Africa. We are a dynamic travel company based in both Johannesburg, South Africa and Ponta Malongane, Southern Mozambique focusing on wild dolphin interaction and retreats.

Owned and run by creative entrepreneur, Courtney Ward. Halo Gaia continues to pioneer new territory in the adventure / wellness travel market, focusing on wild dolphin encounters and customised accommodation in Southern Mozambique

Halo Gaia has, since 1999, become an integral part of the wild dolphin interaction programme run in Ponta Malongane, Southern Mozambique (the Mozambique dolphin coast). In association with Complexo Turistico Da Ponta Malongane, Halo Gaia has a conscious, educational and deeply respectful relationship with the wild bottle nose dolphins of the area.

With an immense love and passion for travel and nature, Halo Gaia has become a vehicle to explore, celebrate and share the natural heritage and rich cultures of South Africa and Mozambique.

Our vision is to facilitate and co-create an environment in beautiful places, where a sense of community and the consciousness of our intrinsic relationship to Planet Earth is lived and experienced through travel.

Meet Your Host


I was blessed to meet the resident wild dolphin pods of Southern Mozambique in 1999 and have since been involved with Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel. My personal history of extensive wellness and adventure travel, ethnic music exploration, community living projects and completing my studies in Complementary Health at the Institute of Natural Health all played an important role in the inspiration to apply these gifts in the community environment of the Halo Gaia Journeys and retreats.

Through these life changing retreats I realised my deep love for people and for the transformation and healing available to us when we gather in nature with an intention to discover a simple and authentic way of life.

I have a deep passion for the earth; the music created by different cultures of this diverse planet intrigues me. I have collected many indigenous musical instruments and explored how to play them and use them in a way that brings delight and peace to people. Ethical wild dolphin interaction is part of that journey. 

This was the beginning of what today has grown into a powerful modality: the “Sound Journey” is a tool for meditation and healing. It is through the Sound Journey that I was first invited to meet the dolphins. It was a perfect fit – the masters of sound were to be my greatest teachers. The Sound Journey complemented the holistic retreats so well that along with interactive drumming they became an integrated part of the Dolphin experience.

The beauty and simplicity of Mozambique captured my heart… the boat through the waves, the underwater dolphin dances and the elated freedom I found in my spirit affirmed my life purpose. The first eye contact I made with a dolphin was more than I could ever have imagined it to be. I was committed to making Halo Gaia and the dolphins a big part of my life.

For the past 21 years I have grown intimately close to the large pod of resident bottle nose dolphins that swim the southern Mozambique coastline. Dedicated to self-study, I am committed to education, conservation and preservation of our oceans. My photography and years of personal experience has me in constant awe of the relationship dolphins do indeed share with humans… an alive and ancient connection!

In 2009 I took a big step and took ownership of Halo Gaia Adventure Travel. Now sitting in the drivers seat a profound sense of purpose moulds the dream of a place where all folk can adventure HOME to in trust and love.

The inspiration people find to live their lives in a joyous and fulfilling way is the greatest motivation to continue my research and play in this field. I hope you will come and share this amazing experience with me.


Courtney in her element

“For the past 19 years I have grown intimately close to the large pod of resident bottle nose dolphins that swim the southern Mozambique coastline.

Courtney underwater dancing with her free-dive instructor, Shakti Malan (Courtney in black). Music by Courtney Ward.

Julio Masina

Your wonderful – energetic – friendly guide & assistant here in Ponta Malongane.

Julio has been an a valuable part of the Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel family since 2008. All our retreats are blessed by his generosity, bright smile and enormous heart.

Our friend, the Dolphin

Swimming with Wild Dolphins.

All Dolphin interaction at Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel is Conscious & Respectful, on the Dolphins terms and Nature`s conditions.

Dolphins belong to the cetacean grouping of sentient beings. Their smiling faces, coupled with the many stories of human and wild dolphin encounters, have resulted in a special connection between us and them. Swimming with dolphins has become the ultimate dream for many.

Here in the Ponta Do Ouro Partial Marine reserve (MPA) in Southern Mozambique, nestled between Kosi Bay / Isimangaliso Wetlands Park and the Maputo elephant Reserve, you will find the idyllic beach resort of Ponta Malongane / Complexo Turistico do Malongane, where Halo Gaia founder Courtney Ward has been running respectful swimming with wild dolphin escapes for over 19 years. Her infectious smile and loving nature ensure that her visitors get to enjoy a “swimming with wild dolphins” experience of a life time.

Courtney combines the multiple roles she plays with inspiring fluidity.  With every hat she wears – from project manager, event organiser, teacher, facilitator, host, guide and sound shaman, she is consistently present and professional.  She manages the border crossings of her guests with vigilance, care and absolute attention. Her initial training and instruction sessions inspire confidence.  Her ethics around the dolphin interactions are impeccable.

You made the whole weekend such an enjoyable experience and broadened our horizons significantly with the drumming and sound journey. I truly believe everyone was touched in some way by the place and the activities and certainly by all the experiences on the ocean. I will never forget the vision of the whale shark when I jumped into the sea, it was unreal, so graceful and peaceful. If only we could all lead our lives like that, at peace with the world.

How can someone have a life changing experience after only 3 days? The weekend left me rather emotional which was quite unexpected… It truly is difficult and virtually impossible to put into words how this experience affected me… Dreams can come true if you believe.

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