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Since 1999, Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel has committed to creating a deeply relevant, life changing experience for our guests via swimming with dolphins and our collaborative dolphin retreats in Ponta Malongane, Mozambique.

We facilitate interactive, eco–friendly travel dolphin experiences that intimately unite and engage our visitors with the authentic spirit of Southern Africa. We strongly encourage responsible travel by stepping off the beaten track and embracing the WILD spirit of adventure within all of us.

Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel specialises in wild dolphin encounters, dolphin retreats, wellness adventures and ocean safari packages from the bay of Ponta Malongane / Complexo Turistico do Malongane in Mozambique. Respectful Marine Mammal Tourism is at the core of our mission and it is in this arena of awareness that a deep love for the diversity of our planet, ocean and indigenous cultures are shared by our host, Courtney Ward.

Swimming with Dolphins

OUR PROMISE: All dolphin interaction is respectful and conscious on the dolphins’ terms and natures’s conditions. 

swimming with wild dolphins


  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Wild dolphins in their natural habitat
  • Retreats and wellness vacations
  • Family holidays to remember
  • Adventure camps for schools and students
  • Corporate team building
  • Authentically-African Dolphin safari


  • Wild Dolphin retreats
  • Wellness retreats
  • In partnership with the best practitioners in their fields
  • Yoga, reflexology, music, dance, art, nature
  • Experience community and healing


  • Southern Africa’s pristine coral reefs
  • Diverse ocean wild life
  • Unsurpassed beauty of remote beaches
  • Warm Indian ocean temperatures
  • Exclusive dive rights

Make Memories

  • Rustic shaded beach forest camp
  • Safari tented camp
  • Wooden log huts, rondavels and chalets
  • Luxury tented lodge
  • Private luxury beachfront villas
  • Make connections for life with like-minded adventurers

Unsurpassed natural beauty awaits

Swimming with Dolphins in Ponta Malongane

Seasonal Whale Sharks, Humpback whales and nesting Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles, combined with the respectful magic of our wild Dolphin swims, make our Wild Dolphin Family Holidays in Ponta Malongane a true gift to the responsible traveller with a heartfelt passion for nature & conservation.

Meet your host


Courtney has been involved with Halo Gaia since 1999. Her personal history of extensive travel, ethnic music exploration, community living projects and completing her studies in Complementary Health at the Institute of Natural Health all played an important role in the inspiration to apply these gifts. For the past 19 years she has grown intimately close to the large pod of resident Bottle Nose Dolphins that swim the Southern Mozambique coastline.

Marine Conservation


Halo Gaia Adventure Travel / Complexo Turistico do Malongane are honoured to have been granted a Dolphin viewing and interaction permit in November 2011. This licence permits RESPECTFUL MARINE MAMMAL TOURISM and allows our water craft within close proximity to the dolphin pods, given that the behaviour of the dolphins is respected.

Halo Gaia Adventure Travel is at Halo Gaia Adventure Travel.
Halo Gaia Adventure Travel
So this just happened..A chart topper sublime week with these magnificent woman..🙌🏾Re Wild Yourself - Wild Women - Wild Dolphin Retreat ..has just closed 💙Hearts a glow we dived deeply into the embodiment of bliss.. Sea side dance - song - yoga - feasting - breathing - sharing - laughing - swimming - dolphins .. a true soul bright adventure had..Thank you beautiful woman for trusting your hearts journey & taking the leap to immerse into this retreat with us.. Thank you Sandy Hughes for your incredible facilitation in health..dance & stretchhhhhh...Malongane Dive Centre & Ty Jackson Thank you for being so awesome ! We were so blessed with wonderful Wild dolphin encounters .. Taryn Steyn once again you have mastered your art so well.. thank you for the delicious spoils.. Upside Downer Bar and Restaurant your culinary craft is awe inspiring..Linda Jackson & Sunset Shack a special evening you hosted..To unfurl our wings - to surrender our fears..Finding reflection in the circle of woman that gathered here has touched me so.. I love to call this my work ❤️Re Wild Yourself will again host this life changing retreat in August 21 - 25 Aug 2024 Can you hear the call ? #retreatlife #wildwomen #VibrantHealth #lovelife #retreatyourself #OceanLovers #retreatspace #halogaia #swimmingwithwilddolphins #wilddolphins #malonganedivecenter #PontaMalongane #Mozambique ... See MoreSee Less
Halo Gaia Adventure Travel is at Halo Gaia Adventure Travel.
Halo Gaia Adventure Travel
All that is Untamed & calls to the WILD essence of woman ..Is calling YOU ! .. heed to the music of this invitation...15 - 19 May - A Gorgeous time to visit MozambiqueRe-Wild Yourself - a Wild Woman - Wild Dolphin Retreat To dance this living co-creation, celebrating the mystic woman within with magnificent Sandy Hughes brings me to a deep bow of honour & gratitude..In this retreat experience, we will dive into the innate wisdom a circle of woman inspires when we share from the authentic raw self.Wild dolphins - Open Ocean - Functional medicine wellness coaching - Elemental dance - Medicine music - Sea View Sunrise Meditation & Yoga - Ceremony & LOVE ..Let free this wanderlust in you..Say yes to being fully ALIVE ! We will guide and assist with all logistics to get you here..Take the leap ...Delicious juicy details below https://www.halogaia.com/re-wild-yourself/#wildwomensisterhood#wildfreedom#wilderness#wilddreamer#medicinemusic #MedicineDance#wilddolphins#swimwithwilddolphins#functionalmedicine#womansretreat#retreatlife#retreatyourself#wildfreedom ... See MoreSee Less
Halo Gaia Adventure Travel is at Halo Gaia Adventure Travel.
Halo Gaia Adventure Travel
How does one even begin to say in words what a safari - retreat like this explodes in the heart..Well.. I will speak in pictures 🧡Highlights ✨️These 10 days were a deep flow of learning.. listening..feasting..laughing.. crying.. dancing.. singing.. speaking..breathing..swimming.. lots.. Oh...and did I say feasting ? ..In the Wilds of nature's palm with nature's wild creatures.. Thank you to each of you brave beautiful humans who came from so far to co create a dream .. Thank you to my dear friends & incredible co space holders .. Rhianne Van Der Linde Cora Verkuilen & Lolla Odendaal what an honour .. truly .. I love you..Taryn Steyn & Amor de Lange you created mastery in your eatery .. thank you 🙌🏾Thank you to the MAGiCAL crew I love to work beside.. Malongane Beach Resort .. ⛱️ Ty Jackson & Castigo Augustino Mbanze Mbanze .. you guys !! Sandra Paprika sister !! You rock ♥️ thank you for your on point reliability! Tembe Elephant community 🐘🌍 Thank you Blessed.. grateful.. heartfULL.. #wildlife #wildliving #wildandfree #intothewild #africa #safariretreat #tembeelephant #liquidbreath #liquidbody #shaktishiva #halogaia #shamanicjourney #soundjourney #PontaMalongane #swimmingwithwilddolphins#wildelephants #Mozambique ... See MoreSee Less

Spirit Song By Courtney

An exquisite meander of song and sound available for download and purchase at Band Camp. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW & BUY

This trip was truly transformational.  I was listening to my heart and when I heard about Courtney and Shakti’s Dolphin Retreat. It was a clear YES.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the depth of experience, learning and healing that lay ahead.


The planning, and the activities were awesome, the boat trips were amazing, the drumming vibrated throughout my spirit and soul, and the sound journey allowed me to release and discover what love and passion really feels like within ones heart. To all the amazing people that were on the journey, I am blessed to have met you, and I hope that our paths will cross again.


What an amazing experience, what an amazing place and you two beautiful spirits are the most amazing people. I really feel very privileged to have made your acquaintance and shared your love. Courtney I want to meet with you once a week for my energy fix. Courtney, don’t ever stop spreading the magic.


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