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Since 1999, Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel has committed to creating a deeply relevant, life changing experience for our guests via swimming with dolphins and our collaborative dolphin retreats in Ponta Malongane, Mozambique.

We facilitate interactive, eco–friendly travel dolphin experiences that intimately unite and engage our visitors with the authentic spirit of Southern Africa. We strongly encourage responsible travel by stepping off the beaten track and embracing the WILD spirit of adventure within all of us.

Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel specialises in wild dolphin encounters, dolphin retreats, wellness adventures and ocean safari packages from the bay of Ponta Malongane / Complexo Turistico do Malongane in Mozambique. Respectful Marine Mammal Tourism is at the core of our mission and it is in this arena of awareness that a deep love for the diversity of our planet, ocean and indigenous cultures are shared by our host, Courtney Ward.

As we sail through these present uncharted waters, we endeavour to keep our spirits high.

Our sincere thanks and prayers go to all front-line & essential service workers in this unprecedented time on our Mother Planet. Our oceans & nature spaces are now gifted with a time for healing & rejuvenation. Halo Gaia Retreats & holidays will resume when borders & travel bans are lifted

Stay healthy & cultivate inner peace

​Swimming with Dolphins

OUR PROMISE: All dolphin interaction is respectful and conscious on the dolphins' terms and natures's conditions. 


  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Wild dolphins in their natural habitat
  • Retreats and wellness vacations
  • Family holidays to remember
  • Adventure camps for schools and students
  • Corporate team building
  • Authentically-African Dolphin safari


  • Wild Dolphin retreats
  • Wellness retreats
  • In partnership with the best practitioners in their fields
  • Yoga, reflexology, music, dance, art, nature
  • Experience community and healing


  • Southern Africa’s pristine coral reefs
  • Diverse ocean wild life
  • Unsurpassed beauty of remote beaches
  • Warm Indian ocean temperatures
  • Exclusive dive rights

Make Memories

  • Rustic shaded beach forest camp
  • Safari tented camp
  • Wooden log huts, rondavels and chalets
  • Luxury tented lodge
  • Private luxury beachfront villas
  • Make connections for life with like-minded adventurers

Unsurpassed natural beauty awaits

Swimming with Dolphins in Ponta Malongane

Seasonal Whale Sharks, Humpback whales and nesting Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles, combined with the respectful magic of our wild Dolphin swims, make our Wild Dolphin Family Holidays in Ponta Malongane a true gift to the responsible traveller with a heartfelt passion for nature & conservation.

Meet your host


Courtney has been involved with Halo Gaia since 1999. Her personal history of extensive travel, ethnic music exploration, community living projects and completing her studies in Complementary Health at the Institute of Natural Health all played an important role in the inspiration to apply these gifts. For the past 19 years she has grown intimately close to the large pod of resident Bottle Nose Dolphins that swim the Southern Mozambique coastline.

Marine Conservation


Halo Gaia Adventure Travel / Complexo Turistico do Malongane are honoured to have been granted a Dolphin viewing and interaction permit in November 2011. This licence permits RESPECTFUL MARINE MAMMAL TOURISM and allows our water craft within close proximity to the dolphin pods, given that the behaviour of the dolphins is respected.

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Thank you - Thank you - Thank you 💗

You are ALL amazing !!

Rain of blessings !

#feedmalongane #compassion #pontamalonganeFeed Malongane would like to give out a BIG ❤️ thank you to everyone that humbly donated towards feeding the local community of Ponta Malongane. To date a miraculous amount of R 85 940 has been donated.

Tomorrow we will be handing out 100 food parcels to the needy in Ponta Malongane. We will be handing 100 food parcels out weekly. Photos will be shared for all to see the difference they have made in this amazing community.

We have alot of 'Anonymous' donors and would like to thank you as well as thank the below donors:

CDP Gifts (John Nicholson)
Ilha Azul - Maria Quadros
Lize Cullinane
Steven Manning
Gregory Pastorok
Sally Claridge
Alex Torres
Irma Grobler
Howard Barber
Jessica Botha
Wynand Bothma
Hanri Wondergem
Steven van Zyl
F Jacobsz
Rosemary Chambers
F Jacobs
Andrea Claussen
Amanda Mc Griff
Verity Maud Design
Norbert Busacker
Ingrid Litman
Margaret Mackean
Rowena Allan
Elize and Abs Van Rooyen
Paula Anderson
Lynn Robertson
Leon Garbe
Lynette Le Roux
Theo Du Toit
Abe Visser
Tania Bownes
Ricardo Rendeiro
Altie Van De Linde
Olga Gouws
David Van De Linde
Kate Ballendan Food
Kailyn Cubbedge
Bruce and Katie Thomas
Harry Gey Van Pittiu
Andrew Dietrich
Carol Hampshire
Candice Joao
Macaila Ward
Malongane Reservations
Beate Kuhn
Andre De Beer

Also to a big thank you to the people working behind the scenes, namely:

Halo Gaia Adventure Travel
Malongane Reservations

As well as the people on the ground:

Joanne Roscow Ireland
Anibal Tivane
Evangelist Kelvin Laquimó

THANK YOU TO ALL for helping us to help them!

#feedmalongane #thankyou #compassion #pontamalongane
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A still point of reflection ..

#livelifeloving #halogaia #oceanlovers #pontamalongane #mozambique #pontadoourapartialmarinereserve
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Friends and lovers of Malongane

Our quaint & beloved village needs our help!

Please watch and share this video - it is deeply moving!

If you’ve ever visited Malongane, you have fallen in love.
You have fallen in love with the beach, the ocean, the serenity... but most of all, you have fallen in love with the people.

On the 27th of March, the border to Mozambique closed.

With no warning, the beautiful people of Malongane who rely solely on our tourism, on our Diving - holidays - retreats & festivals lost their income.

Partners & collaborators..

Mozamboogy, STRAB FEST!! Halo Gaia Adventure Travel GoBundu Malongane Resort

decided to urgently launch

a "Feed Malongane" initiative.

We are all businesses that operate in the area -

That LOVE the people and families of Malongane.

We are all going through difficult and uncertain times yet but our human heart and the abundance possible when we stand together is incredible!

We are able to even in small ways make a huge difference to another's life.

Please are you able to donate

With a mere donation of R120 you can feed a Malongane-family of 4 for a week.

Contributions can be paid into the account below

Or respective accounts for - STRAB / Mozamboogy/ Malangane Reservations / Go Bundu

First National Bank
CC Ward
Account no: 62685221021
Branch 256505

This financial process is totally transparent and anyone wanting access to the financials at any time can contact us

Updates and photographs will be shared to the below Facebook Page ..

Feed Malongane Initiative

Thank you for your love - your support, and investment into the future of a place we all love and look most forward to returning to when this all passes

Feed MALONGANE is a drive to help the local community during this time of need. With no tourists these people are dependent on our contribution to sustain th...
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Spirit Song By Courtney

An exquisite meander of song and sound available for download and purchase at Band Camp. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW & BUY

This trip was truly transformational.  I was listening to my heart and when I heard about Courtney and Shakti’s Dolphin Retreat. It was a clear YES.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the depth of experience, learning and healing that lay ahead.


The planning, and the activities were awesome, the boat trips were amazing, the drumming vibrated throughout my spirit and soul, and the sound journey allowed me to release and discover what love and passion really feels like within ones heart. To all the amazing people that were on the journey, I am blessed to have met you, and I hope that our paths will cross again.


What an amazing experience, what an amazing place and you two beautiful spirits are the most amazing people. I really feel very privileged to have made your acquaintance and shared your love. Courtney I want to meet with you once a week for my energy fix. Courtney, don’t ever stop spreading the magic.



SA: 073 544 1485
Mozambique: 00258 84 455 4319